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Arkansas Unlawful Weapons Lawyer

A weapons case, like a drug case, often has search and seizure issues that deserve investigation. Additionally, your attorney must examine whether the state can affirmatively link the client to the weapon and look for a defense that may justify the client’s possession of the weapon. There are many defenses provided under Arkansas law.

Attorney Bobby Forrest Jr. is familiar with finding case law that proves that officers violated the law when searching you or your vehicle. Attorney Forrest has successfully filed motion to suppress evidence getting the courts to suppress the weapon leaving the State no choice but to dismiss the charge.

Are you a Felon and Charged with Possessing A Weapon?

Once becoming a felon, you lose your right to carry a weapon unless at some point your rights were restored. Being charged with possessing a weapon as a felon carries stiff charges in Arkansas. In Arkansas, most prosecutors will automatically go for prison time. You will need an aggressive attorney to fight the charges and provide the proper defenses.

Arkansas has now passed a law that under certain conditions, if charged with Possession of Firearm by certain persons, you could face prison time without parole. These charges are too serious to fight alone.


Contact Former Police Officer Bobby Forrest 501-918-0798 to begin fighting the facts of your case immediately.


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