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Arkansas Family Law at The Chosen

Family Law matters are important and emotional, so having an experienced and knowledgable family law attorney in Little Rock can make a huge difference in any matter of law. Whether your family is battling divorce, child custody laws, or child support in Arkansas, The Chosen Law Group is here to help. With an extensive knowledge base of Arkansas Law, we're prepared to help you have peace of mind when it comes to the law so that you can focus on the matters most important in your family.



Divorce Lawyers in Little Rock

If you're in a difficult legal situation regarding divorce, we understand that the process can take a toll on many different people involved in the process. There are uncomfortable things that must be discussed in the court such as material assets, and The Chosen Law group understands this. Our talented family lawyers in Little Rock, Arkansas can help you navigate through the struggle of divorce. Our family law attorneys know how to present your case tactfully and sympathetically before the judge, giving you peace of mind on the legal side of things.


Divorce is an emotional process that we understand is difficult, but having professional attorneys in your corner will make all the difference. Whether you need hep with mediation or litigation, our family law experts in Little Rock, Arkansas are here to help.

Child Custody/Visitation Attorney

Are you unsure which steps to take in order to get custody of your child in Little Rock or elsewhere in Arkansas? Whether you are a mother, father, or other, connect with The Chosen Law Group today. We understand the ins and out of the complicated and sometimes unpredictable family law matters like child custody, and we're prepared to hear your story today.


In Arkansas, courts will decide custody cases upon the best interest of the child. With this in mind and your best interests in mind, The Chosen Law Group will work carefully with you in order to take the most strategic steps for your child's custody. Often, courts will encourage the parents towards going legal custody, giving one parent primary custody while the other has visitation rights. But depending on your situation, we're prepared to work closely with you for the best of everyone involved.

Child Support Lawyer in Arkansas

A common issue for families that have been through divorce is child support. The Chosen Law Group in Little Rock has the knowledge and expertise needed to help your case in Arkansas. We ensure that our clients understand the process, take the correct legal steps, and children's needs are met.


There are a handful of issues and disputes that can arise regarding child support such as insufficient payment amounts, incorrectly used child support funds, desire for more control, etc. Without an experienced child support attorney in Little Rock, things can get messy fast, but we're prepared to be professional in the arena of family law.

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