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Keidra was born in Hope, Arkansas and moved to Seattle, Washington at the age of three. Keidra continued to live in Washington and went on to graduate from Decatur High School in Federal Way, Washington. Upon graduating high school, she moved to Magnolia, Arkansas where she lived with her father. There she attended Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia for two years and later transferred to finish her college studies at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. Keidra worked full time to support herself through college and went to school at night.


After graduating from UALR, Keidra made the decision to attend law school. She would continue to work and enrolled in the night program at William H. Bowen, School of Law in Little Rock. After graduating, Keidra was admitted to practice law in 2016. She is the first lawyer in her family. She did not attend law school because it was expected of her or for the wealth and prestige. Keidra went to law school in order to gain the tools, skills and knowledge to be able to help serve her community.


Keidra is no stranger to hard work. She will tell you that it was extremely difficult to find employment immediately after graduating. Majority of the jobs in the legal field require years of experience and at that time, Keidra had none. However, after many years of hard work and focus on obtaining legal experience, in 2018, Keidra accepted a position at The Firm. It was here, at The Firm, where Keidra was able to gain a plethora of legal skills and the knowledge to become a competent and compelling attorney. Although Keidra handled criminal, civil and personal injury cases, 90% of her case load at The Firm belonged to family related issues. 


Keidra would go on to spend the next three years advocating and fighting for her clients at The Firm. It wasn’t until 2021 that a change would come about and Keidra would begin to travel in a new direction.


Now, as an Associate Attorney at The Chosen Law Group, Keidra hopes to bring a new and refreshing energy to the dynamic duo that is already in place.  


Outside of lawyering, the only thing Keidra has time for is her 5-month-old baby boy Cairo who she absolutely adores and maybe enjoying some free time at the gym.  Cairo is the driving force behind all that Keidra does. Becoming a mother has given Keidra a different perspective as it relates to family law issues. Keidra’s perseverance and realistic approach to life allows her to connect with her clients and successfully achieve their desired outcomes. 



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