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Arkansas Juvenile Defense Attorney

Young people face an enormous range of juvenile criminal charges, including: theft, shoplifting, traffic violations, criminal mischief, possession of marijuana or other controlled substances, probation violations, robbery, arson, weapons charges, gang violence, rape and other juvenile sex crimes, and even murder.

Understanding Juvenile Law

Whether you are a juvenile charged with a crime because you shot someone, or a family member distressed over a child in possession of drugs, you need to understand juvenile defense procedures in order to defend the allegations before juvenile court. Bobby Forrest Jr. understands the law and fights for juvenile justice. Attorney Forrest is very familiar with juvenile law and the procedures in Arkansas courts.

Juvenile Law Process

Arkansas juvenile system works entirely different from the adult system. Most courts follow a four step process on handling juvenile cases once the State has decided to move forward with charges.

  1. Plea and arraignment – Here, the judge will serve the juvenile and the family with a copy of the information (charges) and ask the juvenile to plea guilty or not guilty. Even if you believe your juvenile is guilty, you should contact an attorney because there still may be defenses available.

  2. Adjudication – This is another word for trial. Here, the State will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the juvenile did what the information has set out. This is also where if there was any plea negotiation worked out, it would be presented in front of the judge to agree to accept the plea negotiation.

  3. Disposition – This is where the judge will decide on what the penalty should be. There are a number of things the judge can order. Call a knowledge defense attorney to go over this list of things.

  4. Review hearings – Here, the judge will review the progress of the case. This can sometimes be several hearing depending on the severity of the case. 


The Chosen Law Group never forgets that a child is just that: a child. A criminal record – even a juvenile one – often harms a child far more than it benefits the state. Call us today at 501-918-0798

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