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Arkansas Probate Law at The Chosen

When a loved one passes away in Arkansas, there are a few things important to know about what happens to your loved one's possessions. Probate is the official way that someone's estate gets settled under the supervision of the court system in order to prevent fraud after someone's death. When someone passes away, probate is the way courts keep many people from attempting to take possession of an estate that may not be rightfully theirs.


Here at The Chosen Law Group, we can handle probate law in Arkansas for you. From wills to trusts to guardianships and more, we're able to handle it all. We want to hear your situation and fight in your corner, so give us a call today with information about your case!

An Experienced Arkansas Law Firm to Guide You Through the Probate and Estate Administration Process
There are so many urgent matters to take care of when a loved one passes away. The Chosen Law Group is here to guide you through these difficult times and give you the guidance and direction you need.  Your loved one’s estate must be examined and distributed through a process called probate. As the executor or administrator of an estate, you will need guidance from a knowledgeable legal guide to help avoid pitfalls along the way. Call for an initial consultation with a top Probate Lawyer to get started with the probate process.  
Probate With or Without a Will
If a last will and testament has been drafted, the probate process will include admitting the will to probate and distributing assets according to the will.  If there is no will, the deceased person’s heirs will inherit according to Arkansas intestacy laws.
An executor or administrator will be appointed, either according to the will or Arkansas law, if no will exists. The executor or administrator must carryout the probate process in order to help ensure the estate is distributed appropriately.
At our firm, we pride ourselves in giving clients personal attention so that we may take them through the probate process as efficiently as possible. If you’ve been named as an executor in a will or there is no will, contact our Little Rock probate attorneys today. With years of experience we can use to support and guide you.
The Probate Process
Probate involves two basic steps:
  • Payment of debts
  • Transfer of assets to beneficiaries
During the probate process, the executor or administrator and others involved should have an understanding of the elements involved:
  • Validity – If a will exists upon a loved one’s passing, probate will first take routine steps to determine if it is valid. If an eligible party has reason to contest a will, it will be taken to probate court to determine its validity.
  • Appraisals – Large parts of the estate – such as homes, businesses, or family heirlooms– are subject to appraisal to determine their true value during probate.
  • Debts – If any debts or taxes are owed when the testator passes away, probate can help determine how to handle them.
  • Distribution – When all other aspects of probate are sorted, the property and assets of the estate can be distributed.
Can you avoid probate altogether?
Many people think of probate as a headache of a process that they want to avoid. There are ways to keep your estate out of probate by setting up living trusts. We want to help you understand and implement different legal strategies that could help you avoid probate court. However, avoiding probate is a proactive strategy, and many times loved ones pass away unexpectedly or without the knowledge and information to be proactive. In those  situations, we are prepared to help you throughout whatever process is necessary to prepare you after your loved one’s death. 
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